X contemplating deactivating himself.

X is the only official Mega Man character to appear in Universal Voyage (excluding the flashbacks.) X was created by NW and Ikasu using blueprints from Dr. Light given to them after the Soda Wars. X returns to Dr. Light at the beginning of the Ikasu's Story storyline. NW (the author) says that he will not be returning.

First Appearance: [Comic #11]

X leaves the comic [Comic #381]

Story Edit

At the conclusion of the Soda Wars, NW, Ikasu, and the rest of the group left the Mega Man Universe. However, before NW left, Dr. Light gave him blueprints for a robot as a farewell gift. Later NW and Ikasu used those blueprints to build X. X's first appearance in Universal Voyage is when he appears to get NW and Ridaos and bring them back to Ridaos' ship. Along the way, he is forced to carry Birdman and listen to his insane antics. When the group is attacked by El Tuber, he tries to attack him, but El Tuber's shield renders his attack useless. After El Tuber is beaten by NW and Moy, they return to Ridaos ship.

X isn't seen again until a while after NW's death, where X and Wubby are burying NW. Distraught over NW's death, X decides to deactivate himself permanently (the equivilant of committing suicide.) However, as he's shutting himself down, a video from NW plays in his head and tells X about the final battle of the Soda War. After the clip is played, NW tells X that he shouldn't give up. Inspired by NW's words, X goes off to rescue Ridaos. Unfortunately, he is captured by the Aventa Empire soon afterwards.

X soon escaped from his cell using a cloaking device originally meant for Wubby. He also used it to spy on AlienOmega and God of Hentai, where he learned that Ridaos was still alive. Looking for backup, X went to Arilean, who assured him that Ridaos was fully capable of escaping on his own. After waiting a while with Arilean, X became impatient and went to save Ridaos himself.

He never shows up again after that, however. When the snake on Maligna's head starts to freeze the planet, X isn't shown as one of the people Ikasu teleported to the Infinium galaxy. However, Ikasu said he before he teleported Ridaos, Arilean and himself that he teleported Wubby, Birdman, and five other people. The five other people are the Crimson Bandits, but they only have four members, so there is a possibility that the fifth person was X.

No matter how X survived the planet being frozen over, he's never seen again. The last we hear of him is during the begginning of the Ikasu's Story storyline when Ikasu finds a virtual note from X saying that NW is dead and that he is going to live with Dr. Light.