"When Lord Infinium left this world, an evil entity began to fester in the depths of the forest. It finally took shape of a hideous creature and called itself the Whawper King..."

These are the words passed down from fairy to fairy in the Fruit Punch Kingdom of the Infinium Galaxy. Although the fairies are at constant war with the ghastly beast, only three fairies have laid eyes upon the Whawper King himself.

The Whawper King is a gigantic purple blob that wears a crown of malicious intent upon his head. He dwells in his own underground lair deep within the forest, unable to leave due to his size and weight. Thus it is up to his minions, the Whawps and the Whawpahs, to spy on the fairy activity and bring him back nutrients.

In Chapter 12, Wubby is captured by the Whawps and is brought to the Whawper King's lair. Fireball, who had been trying to save Wubby from being wubbynapped, was misled to the castle of the Fruit Punch Fairies. Fortunately for the pyro hero the Nameless Wonder was in the same castle. When he relayed what happened to Wubby, the two of them decided to go off and face the Whawper King. The youngest fairy princess, Lynne, also joined the party.

When they entered the lair the immediately found Wubby floating around unharmed. What they didn't see was a massive purple blob slowly creeping out of the darkness. NW tried to get his robot out of the way, but it was too late. The Whawper King jumped into the air and came crashing down on poor Wubose. The king laughed mockingly at the stunned NW. Just as he began to jump once more, a blast of fire came hurdling towards the king, sending him crashing down elsewhere. At that moment they realized that the Whawper family was weak against fire.

A battle ensued from the recent events that had taken place. Although the Whawper King took in a lot of damage, it seemed like the blob wouldn't go down. It was also peculiar that he wouldn't attack either. Finally, the Whawper King spit out a green liquid that severely put a dent in the heroes health. If it wasn't for Lynne and the healing power of fruit punch, the gang would have died right there and the Whawper King would gain enough power to run rampant through the outside world. The three of them continued to unleash their fury upon the creature until he burst into thousands of gloopy droplets.

The Whawper King is officially dead. His minions, however, still live on in the lair of their dead king.