Shoz NW

Shoz disguised as NW

A shapeshifting fish, Shoz was also a bounty hunter under the employ of Maligna. Up until the end of his appearances in the comic, Shoz appears disguised as NW. He's also responsible for killing NW at the beginning of the comic.

First appearance (as NW): Comic #2

First appearance (as himself): Comic #252


Shoz first appears at the beginning of Universal Voyage impersonating NW. He tries to kill Ridaos, but the real NW shows up just in time to stop him. Shoz is then bound and taken to Ridaos' ship.

Later, when NW and Ridaos return to the ship, NW goes to check on Shoz, only to discover that he escaped. After a brief, very one-sided battle, Shoz kills NW. Later, it is discovered that Shoz turned Ridaos in to Maligna's forces, who were at the time impersonating the Aventa Empire. Admiral Rua, however, was not happy, because he left the others on the ship (besides NW) live. Admiral Rua then orders El Tuber to eliminate him, but Shoz destroys El Tuber with ease.


Shoz reveals his true form.

Later, after Ikasu repairs NW's body and his soul returns from Galsia, they discover that the Aventa Empire has taken over Eleh, with Shoz (still disguised as NW) as it's ruler, though Shoz was actually just a figurehead. Ridaos escapes from his prison cell and confronts Shoz, who he believes is NW. Shorly after, the real NW shows up and attacks Shoz, demanding to know where the Unholy Council members he works for are. Shoz denies knowing about the Unholy Council, claiming to be a bounty hunter under the employ of "M" (who turns out to be Maligna,) then reveals his true form, a flying, shapeshifting fish.

After Shoz's transformation, NW claims that the only reason he was killed so easily was that he was weakened from a lack of Infinium. NW then kills Shoz with a single shot from his blaster. Shoz's fryed corpse is then eaten by Birdman, much to the disgust of NW.