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The First Megaman GameEdit

The storyline depicting the true first megaman game began on August 1st, 2000. Although the storyline had technically began earlier, the game itself did not begin until August.

Cut ManEdit

Debut: April 13, 2000
In-Game Debut: August 6, 2000

Defeated: August 8, 2000 (not shown)

Weapon acquired: Rolling Cutter

Designed by Dr. Wily, Cut Man's original purpose was to be Dr. Light's gardener, using the large scissors on his head to cut plants.

Cut Man was the first Robot Master that Mega Man fought during the reenactment of the first Mega Man game. Despite Cut Man trying his hardest to be intimidating, Mega Man failed to take him seriously or respect him as an opponent.

Having removed his main offensive ability, Mega Man swiftly defeated Cut Man and later used his weapon when fighting Guts Man

Cut Man recently appeared as a robot in the First Annual Robot Tournament in the Mega Man 6 storyline. He was killed by Plant Man, but the death is not shown (all we can assume from is Plant Man saying how Cut Man would like to get "plucked", but the death is not shown).

Guts ManEdit

Debut: August 14, 2000

Defeated: August 16, 2000

Weapon acquired: Super Arm

Despite Mega Man's attempts to taunt Guts Man's weapon, Guts Man remained focussed on the battle, becoming more cocky as the battle continued and Mega Man appeared to be weaker than him.

Using the Rolling Cutter (which he had received from beating Cut Man), Mega Man managed to beat Guts Man by deflecting a blade off of Guts Man and into the unstable ceiling above him. The resulting cave in crushed Guts Man.

Guts Man recently appeared in the First Annual Robot Tournament storyline. He fought Stone Man[1]. Stone Man turned himself into rubble and Guts Man ended up throwing him at Mega Man (who came down at the wrong time)[2][3]. Guts Man was one of the survivors when Mega Man/Vic started killing all the robots. But however, he exploded when he tried to use logic with Dr. Wily[4].

Ice ManEdit

Debut: August 17, 2000

Defeated: August 18, 2000

Weapon acquired: Ice Slasher

Feeling confident with Guts Man's abilities, Mega Man attempted to use the Super Arm against Ice Man. When that failed, Mega Man was forced to resort to the less orthodox method of throwing a frozen rock into Ice Man's open mouth.

Ice Man recently appeared along with many other Robot Masters in The First Annual Robot Tournament Storyline. He fought Bubble Man[5]. Ice Man slaughtered him[6].

Fire ManEdit

Debut: August 19, 2000

Defeated: August 19, 2000 (not shown)

Weapon acquired: Fire Storm

In the shortest Robot Master fight scene in the entire comic, Mega Man defeated Fire Man by using the most obvious method available, Ice Man's Ice Slasher.

According to Dave, "Given the nature of the attack against Fire Man, I saw no need to drag the attack out any further."

Fire Man recently fought Pharaoh Man in The First Annual Robot Tournament. This battle was also very short as Pharaoh Man gave Blizzard Man a dollar to kill him[7].

Elec ManEdit

Debut: August 20, 2000

Defeated: August 28, 2000

Weapon acquired: Thunder Beam

Despite Mega Man's original confidence, he soon found himself to be clearly outmatched. Feeling that he had no way of beating Elec Man, Mega Man resorted to fleeing from battle (and prompting the first use of what Dave calls the "Zoink!" joke.

Due to the comic's two dimensional nature, Mega Man's running lead him right into Bomb Man's lair.

In the end, Mega Man tricked Elec Man into accidently activating Bomb Man's cache of bombs. The resulting explosion destroyed both Elec Man and Bomb Man.

Elec Man recently fought Drill Man in The First Annual Robot Tournament. Elec Man handed him off to Toad Man[8].

Bomb ManEdit

Debut: August 23, 2000

Defeated: August 28, 2000

Weapon acquired: Hyper Bomb

Having fled from Elec Man, Mega Man inadvertantly runs directly into Bomb Man's lair. Figuring that the the "Zoink!" technique had worked earlier, Mega Man distacted Bomb Man by getting him to take his focus off Mega Man and onto his cache of bombs (which were sitting slightly off screen).

When Mega Man attempting running in the opposite direction, he finds himself (once more) face to face with Elec Man. Now fighting two Robot Masters at once, Mega Man was forced to be more cunning in his strategy

In the end, Mega Man tricks Elec Man into accidently activating Bomb Man's cache of bombs. The resulting explosion destroyed both Elec Man and Bomb Man.

Bomb Man recently cameoed in February 18th 2006's strip. He appeared along with Star Man and Metal Man. Metal Man stole Bomb Man's bomb and they were all acting dumb. The bomb then exploded. Bomb Man recovered and was the unlucky robot to face Ran Mark II[9][10][11].