The Broom was Kalinka's only friend during The Fourth Megaman Game parody. When Kalinka was locked in a cell in Dr. Wily's fortress, the only other item in the room (besides her and the cell) was the broom.

What seperates this particular 8-Bit broom from any other broom in the comic is its mysterious ability to speak English. In a strange twist however, rather than being able to speak proper English, the broom is only able to speak English in reverse. The fact is that this broom comes directly from Final Fantasy I, where it speaks in reverse as well.

The broom's past has yet to be revealed, leaving opportunities for Time Travel, Alternate Universes or anything other running gag to be used. However, the broom's mysterious ability may simply be due to the comic's exploitation of the gag reflex.

Appearances in the comicEdit