The Beginning of the Story

Proto Man and Guts Man in
"The Beginning of the Story"

Length: 14 comics, April 7, 2000 - April 20, 2000 (View all)

"Proto Man's first days and the events leading up to the first Megaman game."

Noticing that he might be stuck with the sprite comic a while longer, Dave decided to do an origins story to show what happened before the first Mega Man game.

It follows Proto Man as he wakes up for the first time. He is quickly introduced to his creators, Dr. Light and his trusted assistant Dr. Wily. Together they have built several dangerous robot masters to do menial tasks around the house. Proto Man questions the risks about such robots, only to be set back by Dr. Light's naivety. Proto Man desides to leave the house, and Dr. Light gives him permission to, saying he'll build a replacement.

Dr. Wily has plans to activate evil programming that he had inserted into the robot masters, but he accidentally reveals his plans to Proto Man, who was standing behind him. Proto Man decides to not turn him in, thinking that Dr. Light needs to learn a lesson.

This section of the storyline ends with Dr. Light about to create Mega Man, following Proto Man's advice about dangerous robots by removing his weapons and armor.

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