Roll in her Battle suit

Roll is a secondary character in Bob and George. She is the Sister of Proto Man and Mega Man.

Debut: Mega Man's Missing! - Break Time

"Roll was created by Dr. Light to replace Mega Man, but she's definitely no innocent little girl-bot."

Backstory Edit

Roll is Mega Man's sister, who was designed to replace Mega Man as Dr. Light's assistant. Roll's personality can be summed up to her being an all around bitch. The reasoning behind this attitude is possibly related to always being a bystander in the games and only a secondary character in the comic.

Roll's life in the comic Edit

Roll's first appearance was the day after Mega Man quit the comic. With her discussing with Proto Man on the progress of the comic. These standing conversations between Proto Man and Roll are repeated multiple times in the comic, and are known as Coffee Break Strips.[1]

Another notable appearance is on the last strip before the first group of Hand Drawn Comics. Here some of Roll's future personality begins to show itself. [2]

More evidence of Roll's attitude. [3] [4]

After over a year eventually, in a storyline, she was given both a blaster and a battle suit. Giving her an outlet to her agression and violence. [5]

Romance Edit

Being the only girl in the comic, it was inevitable for Roll to be the only possible chance of the comic having any sort of romantic plots. The first instance was in the very early comics, when the drunken Author, in a fit of beer induced lust, went after Roll, only managing to say 'I love you' before passing out. [6] [7]

The second character to whom a possible connection was made was Bass, which in many fan stories and other sprite comics it is implied that they would be the best likely chance, since Bass is the only major robot not related to Roll. [8] The relationship wasn't very important to the comic, aside from showing that Roll expresses her love through violence and was eventually was shown to be one sided. [9]

The third and confirmed love interest of Roll is, Mike, or as called by Roll, Ninja Ned. Roll met Mike when he entered the cast to help Mynd take over the comic. Perhaps it was Mike's enjoyment of violence, or perhaps it was just the fact that he was a Ninja but Roll and Mike hit it off quickly. Even the fact that Mike confessed that he was to destroy her failed to unnerve her. [10] And then gave him his alternate name, which has stuck ever since. [11] The fact that he was angered by her taunts only made her happier, this however led to Mike Falling off a Cliff and left out of the Comic for at least a year.

Halloween Costumes Edit