Rock n' Roll Edit

Rock n' Roll was a fancomic by BeansDooma that ran on the Bob and George website in July 2004. Although it started out with a fairly original idea, it soon ran into tons of cliches and jokes used by BnG by the 8th comic, and eventually ended without getting to the main plot of the story. Rock and Roll has become infamous with some veteran forumers as an example of the "standards" of what Bob and George allows in fancomics, and is a common (if not one of the only) example when such an argument is brought up.

Plots Edit

  • The first few comics delved into Dr. Light's past, where he lost in a cooking contest to the cheating Dr. Wily.
  • Mega Man was soon captured by Bass and brought to Wily's lab to be held in a containment tank, thus leaving Roll to save Mega Man and sto Wily's plans for world domination yet again.

Cliches and BnG Jokes Edit

Although the first comics started out relativey original, the stirp soon became riddled with cliches and jokes derived directly from Bob and George.Some examples:

  • Bass's stupidity
    • In Bass's first appearance, however, he seemed to be rather intelligent, although it faded fast.
  • An author charcter, and subsequent "making fun of author"
    • The author appeared in one episode to tell the characters to get back to work, and was made fun of for being short as soon as he left.
  • Wily's eight robot masters and their quirky personalities
    • Dr. Wily's checking of the robot masters was derived directy from the Mega Man 4 storyline in Bob and George, where Dr. Cossack checks over the robot masters and their wacky personalities that he created while wasted.
      • Wily, however, was not drunk in Rock n' Roll, the quirks were instead explained by a virus.
      • Another smaller cliche was brought up in the storyline, Wily Beer.
      • This storyline took up the majority of the comic and had only finished when the comic ended.