Top Row: Death, New Death, War, Pestilence. Bottom Row: Famine, Pollution, Satan, Chaos not revealed.

The Avatars are a group of beings created by the Powers to oversee death on Earth. The Avatars each embody one possible cause of death; however, all of them basically report to Death, except for Satan, who is both an Avatar and a Focus.


Death is in charge of both ushering ghosts into the Hereafter and for setting the level of mortality in general. Or... was in charge. The Powers decided to replace him with...

New DeathEdit

Looks generally the same as Death, only red-eyed and with a double-bladed scythe. No-one knows how he is adjusting to his new job...


In charge of deaths by violence. Is a close friend of the original Death. It is unknown if he has actually met New Death yet.


In charge of death by disease. Was summoned to earth once when Satanists, meaning to summon Satan, did the wrong ceremony and summoned him instead. Whereabouts unknown, but probably off in a hospital somewhere.


In charge of death by starvation. Blame him for the diet craze, too. Is serving as New Death's emissary to Hell.


Has not actually appeared in the strip yet, but is in charge of death by pollution. He was created ten seconds after the first oil spill...


The only Avatar not answerable to Death. He does not actually tempt people; he's only in charge of Hell. As a Focus, a center of worship, he is greatly respected by the other Avatars. Has various demons reporting to him.


In charge of death by the weather. Does not like to reveal himself; in his only appearance so far he took possession of someone. His relation with New Death is so far unknown...