Plague'sMisadventures Plague’s Misadventures is a 32-Bit subcomic of Bob and George.

Origin Edit

The origin of the comic lies within an RP session between community members Plague, Spinjumper, and Vengeance… Some of which can be found *here


The comic takes place during the Megaman X timeline, though with a decidedly more morbid and dystrophic twist. Following the misadventures of the Maverick Hunter Plague Roamer and his war band in a loose interpretation of the Megaman Xstoryline, most recently the completion of the Megaman X5 Space Colony Eurasia plot. However the comic never made it past this point due to a number of issues, however there was an epilogue which brought some sense of closure to the story and showed what could have been.

While the story focused on jokes and humor it did develop as time went on taking a more serious twist with the Eurasia story arc and its aftermath including the ecological effects on the Earth.

There is also a joke spin off series called fusion misadventures, which is a parody of the game Metroid fusion.

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Main CharactersEdit


Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Blight
  • Cerberus
  • Fenix
  • The Cossack Family
  • Duo
  • Twilight
  • Plague's Maverick Generals
  • Roll Light
  • Doctor and Calinka Cossack
  • Doctor Light
  • Rock Light
  • Blues Light
  • Forte Wily
  • Rick & Dave
  • Signas and Alia
  • Shadow Wren

Misc. InformationEdit

  • This comic is the only subcomic on the site to use .jpg's as its image format.
  • The comic is characterized by overpowered attacks, which as a result have become a stereotype of standard 21XX comics.
  • Wily Beer is referenced, including Plagues team having a Wily beer truck modeled into a time machine.