Nate (or N4-T3) is a secondary character from Bob and George. He is the yellow demon, most of the time in the form of a yellow Mega Man recolor. He is known for his large pair of eyeglassess which are bigger than his own head. He cannot talk, but is one of the smartest characters in the cast, though he cannot always express this due to his hindrence of having to communicate through signs and boards in the genre of Wile E. Coyote.


Nate first appeared as a yellow demon in The Attack of The Yellow Demon. He was not seen again untill sometime near the end of The Attack of Bob, where he was seen with his trademark glasses. After fwapping Bob into the portal, he was given the name Nate, and transformed into his Megaman recolor form. He is also the first one to merge with another character, showing off his ability to increase the strength of other robots, which is then named by combining the names of himself and his merge partner. I.E. Bass and Nate becomes Bate, which leads to an awful, awful joke about him being a Master. Another example is when he merged with Chadling (who was in purple demon form) and something went wrong, causing only one half of Nate's glasses to appear, with the other eye being Chadling's. They then formed a top hat on the top of their head, and when asked about it, replied "Well, we already had the monocle". He has also merged with the Helmeted Author into a form called H4T3 (Hate) and with Proto Man called PR0T34N (Protean). This form has also merged with Mynd in the storyline "All Good Things".

An alternate version of Nate, supposedly the original which would have appeared in the hand drawn version, is seen in Captain Kinesis' alternate world, in which he tried to trap George during their fight(This took the place of the usual annual party, giving readers a look at the world of the Hand Drawn comics that Dave originally planned). In this world we find out not only is Nate a super hero, with telekinetic abilities, but the blurb revealed that he would have recieved them from a future version of himself, who came back as a villain for an undisclosed reason. Thus Captain Kinesis is Nate.

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