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Mike is a secondary character in Bob and George. His most noticable action in the comic is being an interviewer during the yearly parties.

A fan requested his custom character to join the comic: A red and black Mega Man recolor with Proto Man's shield. He also wanted him to be a ninja whose attacks have a "Bamf" sound effect. Because the comic was in its earlier days, Dave actually agreed.

Debut: July 17, 2001: Bob's Unfortunate Loss

Backstory Edit

Mike came from Mynd's universe, where he was one of his two minions. It is unknown how Mike came to work for Mynd. But it appears that Mynd did not completely trust Mike, telling him once that "If I ever even think you've betrayed me, I will hunt you down and end you." [1]

Mike's life in the comic Edit

Mike's first appearence in the comic is after both Bob and Mynd are weakened from a fight. Mike knocks Bob unconsious, thereby giving the victory to Mynd. [2]

The next time we see Mike he has been assgined to test out Bob's blaster in order to figure out which setting opens up interdimencial portals, using Chadling as a target. [3] Unfortunately they had the blaster set to random, so Mike suggested torturing Bob to get the information they needed. [4] This works, in a sence, so Mynd orders Mike to kill Bob.

Mike's attempts to kill Bob do not end well. [5][6][7] Eventually the tables are turned, and Bob ends up being the one who is torturing Mike, but Mike does managed to be saved by Mynd. [8]

Mike then comes to the Megaman Universe with Mynd. He expresses doubt about Mynd's plan.[9] He is sent to deal with Proto Man, who Mynd sees as the biggest threat to his plans. [10]] Mike then meets Roll and they instantly get along. [11]

When The Attack of Mynd begins. Mike does not want to fight Roll. Roll is merely amused at the concept. [12] Roll defeats Mike fairly easily through trickery. [13]

Mike was later rescued by Megaman and Bass after they jumped off a cliff just to see if they would survive. [14] They then took him to Dr. Light. It took Mike nine months to recover [15] in that time Dr. Light ultimately replaced half of Mike's shattered body with robotic parts. [16]

The next time Mike made a major apperance was in his very own storyline, The Adventures of Ninja Ned. Mike and Roll were called by the Vice President to save the President from Ninjas. [17] Saving the President turned out to be rather easy, however, because the ninjas just left after Mike asked them to. [18] This led to more problems, as it turns out.

Argueably Mike's biggest role in the comic so far has been the fact that he is the cause of The Attack of Non-Alternate Mynd. Non-Alternate Mike having beeen the one to send Non-Alternate Mynd to Dr. Light's Lab to kill Mike. [19]

During The Attack of X Mike's robotic implants ended up giving X the ability to assimilate humans. [20]

During the Attack of Bob, Mike and Non Alternate Mike are important to the plot, Non Alternate Mike having easily defeated Bob with Street Fighter moves and Mike knocking NA-Mike out and defending him from death at the hands of Bob with his bionic arms (Slashing Fist Shield), he and NA-Mike then Ninja Vanished. Mike was splinched.

Mike returned later on in a battle suit with Dr Light and NA-Mike, his fate after that is unknown until the epilogue.

Mike and NA-Mike created a dojo to teach a new generation of ninja and Mike bit his tounge off teaching a complicated moved and bled to death. However this was retconned after Zero told Dr. Wily about the cataclysm and Mike was seen in Acapulco with the other characters.

Personality Edit

Mike generally doesn't care much about other people. He basicly prefers to keep himself safe then to ever risk injury to help others. [21] There is a sarcastic edge to most things he says. He has no problem with causing random violence, in fact he tends to enjoy it. [22] [23]

Roll clearly has some romantic feeling for Mike, and it is implied that he returns them. [24]

Mike the Interviewer Edit

With the exception of The Fifth Party Mike has served as the interviewer during each of the comics yearly parties. In it he interviews the guests and characters and ask for their opinions on the comic and recent events of the past year. Mike was also an interviewer in BnG News

However, since the parties and BnG News are not canon, it is unknown if Mike is really a reporter in the main comic

Ninja Ned Edit

Mike's nickname, Ninja Ned, was given to him by Roll during the Attack of Mynd. [25] In the comic's commentary, Dave says that he needed a stupid nickname for Mike, and Ninja Ned was the best he could come up with at the time. Ninja Ned is a nickname that has also been given to Non-Alternate Mike.

Ninja Skills Edit

Mike, being a ninja, uses various special attacks (all punching and kicking attacks). His Flaming pink dragon kidney punch was the only successful special attack he has ever used during the comic itself. His Overconfident backwards karate chop of death was blocked by Bob, who then countered the attack with a kick. Mike's Pythagorean Perpendicular Jump Kick was avoided by Roll when she ducked under it.

Flaming pink dragon kidney punch [26]

Overconfident backwards karate chop of death [27]

Pythagorean Perpendicular Jump Kick [28]

Flying Inverted Helicopter Cyclone Kick of Death [29]

Slashing Fist Shield [30]

Halloween Costumes Edit