March 2002
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Tales From a Parallel Time: Last Minute Plotholes

Summary: Bob questions how he recieved his blaster back.

Cast: Bob, Proto Man/Prometheus, Helmeted Author

Style: 32-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Bob is standing to the left, Proto Man/Prometheus is standing to the right.}
BOB: Okay, so how do I get home?
PROMETHEUS: Well, we don't have the technology to send you back, but if you use...

Panel 2

BOB: Wait, didn't Zero use a time machine from this time period?
PROMETHEUS: Yeah, but do you think they'll let you use it?

Panel 3

PROMETHEUS: Anyway, just use your blaster to go to another dimension where...
BOB: Wait, how'd I get my blaster back from Mynd?

Panel 4

{Helmeted Author appears at the right hand side and Bob is backing away.}
HELMETED AUTHOR: I gave it back to you! Now just get the hell out of here before I have to kill you!
BOB: I'm going, I'm going...

Fun Facts Edit

  • The Helmeted Author is used as a deux ex machina to fill up a plothole about Bob's blaster. His violent tendancies are fully introduced also.

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