MSPaint Masterpieces is a Mega Man-themed hosted comic on Bob and George, written by DisgruntledFerret. It is distinguished by its (mostly) serious, logical approach to the Megaman story, DF's orginal 8-bit spritework, and the inclusion of new characters with some original and some from the Gameboy Megaman games. MSPaint Masterpieces is currently the last and only updating hosted comic on Bob and George.


The plot of MSPaint Masterpieces follows the basic plot of the NES Mega Man games: Wily attempts to take over the world with a robot army led by robot masters, and Mega Man fights the robots and defeats Wily. However, it also incorporates new plot points and characters. Most notably, the protoype robot Reset Man is activated before the creation of Proto Man, and the United Nation's and United States government's roles in the Wily Wars are shown.

MS Paint Masterpieces is currently in the story of the Second Mega Man game.


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