A Level 10 Alert is a warning that alerts something very bad is happening. It seems to have been first created by Dr. Light, and used in the Prelude to a Bad Time when Bass traveled back in time and altered the time line. When it goes off, it fills the room with red light and blares the phrase "WARNING! This is a Level 10 Alert!" Proto Man then verifies that there's nothing lower than a Level 10 Alert. It is uncertain if there is anything higher.

When Mega Man X started his attack in the Introduction of X storyline, Dr. Light's Level 10 Alert appeared again. This time the warning phrase was slightly different and called it a "Level 10 Emergency Alert".

Variations of the Level 10 Alert have been used by other characters throughout the comic strip.

  • In the 32-Bit time period, Mega Man X recognises Bob and quickly runs away to signal a Level 10 Maverick Alert. Bob speculates that there's nothing lower than a Level 10 Maverick Alert, and Zero supports this theory.
  • When Ran appeared in The Fifth Megaman Game, the American politicians have a Level 10 Communist Alert.
  • Mega Man has a Level 10 Memory Alert, complete with the red light and warning phrase, when George asks him about the First Annual Robot Tournament.
  • In the first Cataclysm movie "The End", the Level 10 Intruder Alert warns Dr. Light that Zero is in his secret lab.

The gag, of course, is that nobody uses any kind of alert but Level 10.