Ice Cream frequently appears in BnG, it is beloved by Mega Man, Chadling, and George and not really Bass. Hating/defiling ice cream is cause for BnG's equivalent of excommunication. Chadling turned on Mynd for the love of ice cream. George also used this as his halloween costume. Mega Man X, because Dr. Light wanted him not to be able to become friends with any of the other cast members because he disliked them, programmed the super advanced robot with a dislike of ice cream. It has also been revealed by Ran on May 12, 2005 [1] that many of Dr. Light's robots have generators that turn ice cream to booze, as he is said to have installed them in them. Also of interest is George's own revelation that he needs ice cream because it provides the energy to fuel his electrical abilities, though he later says that's BS, and that he just has a high metabolism and just thinks ice cream is yummy. [2] The day after he actually admits to being the Ultimate Lord of the Ice Cream Clan, a fact which he allued to in a conversation with Chick Bot, though that cannot be considered entirely canon due to it happening in the white space just after the battle of the Helmeted Author and the Author.[3]

Occasionally, villains use the popularity of ice cream to lure the heroes into a cleverly made trap. For example, Bass used it on George, Helmut used it on Mega Man, etc.

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