Holographic Head

"We will consult the head of Josef Stalin!"

The head of Stalin was originally introduced in The Fourth Megaman Game for a set of judges to consult to determine the winner of a cience fair contest, Ran the commie bot or a papier mache volcano. The holographic head was powered by Stalin's brain, which Dr. Wily stole (for some reason). The head was consulted since individuals standing out was greatly discouraged (for the most part) in communism. Though Dr. Wily was defeated, the brain was supposedly lost and the Soviet Union fell.

In The Fifth Megaman Game, the Capitalisitc guys consulted the head of Joe McCarthy to learn what they should do abuot Ran's appearance in the fifth game. They eventually decided to alter Ran's appearance into a bird, since they couldn't cover him up as they did in the fourth game.

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