Not much is known about the Helmeted Author, except that he is an author from another dimension who had come to destroy the comic. The Author had to let him in due to union rules[1], but he had to wear a helmet that limited his powers. While wearing this helmet, he is unofficially known as Helmut (a name given to him by members of the Bob and George forums). When the helmet is removed, he presumably transforms into Fistandantilus (though whether Helmut and Fistandantilus are the same person or not has been a heavily debated topic for some time).


  • Teleportation (accompanied by a "foopf" sound as opposed to the regular Author's "pfoof")
  • Ability to merge with Nate and possibly also Chadling (while he was merged with Nate he took on the standard B4T3 design)[2]
  • The ability to create a box of energy that slowly closes in on anyone trapped inside, and vaporizes anything that touches the walls
  • The ability to create a Battle Energy Duplicate
  • An energy attack
  • He can disguise himself as Mega Man or George (and most likely anyone else)

Other Helmeted AuthorsEdit

During The Attack of Mega Man, another helmeted author appeared, and created a drumroll when Helmut (disguised as Mega Man) said the line "Master Bate??".[3] This helmeted author has been revealed to be the regular Author wearing a helmet.[4]

Halloween CostumesEdit