Many people (usually having read Bob and George) choose to start their own sprite comics. However without practice or tuition, many of these sprite comics fail to impress the general public. The following links will help you learn the in-and-outs of creating a sprite comic and avoiding common pitfalls in sprite comics.

  • The Ideas Forum
    Talk about your idea before making your comic. Get feedback from others before deciding to make it. Quite often we see terribly cliched comic ideas that the author never got anybody in the know-how's opinion about.
  • Crash 'n' Bass Guide
    Regardless of the author not following his own guide completely, this guide has several tips that are key to creating a quality comic. It is strongly suggested that you read this humorous and illustrated guide from top to bottom and follow all of its advice.
  • The Spriter's Resource Sprite Guides
    Very detailed guides about ripping, scratching, manipulating and using sprites effectively. It's advised you don't read through these until after you read through the others as they are more advanced guides (not for your average, everyday novice).
  • Medialia: Tutorial
    Offers advice concerning the different kinds of sprite comics, and covers what the other guides have already said, providing reasons behind the advice. Provides some sprites and links to spriting tools at the end of the tutorial.
  • The Kombat Pavilion Guide
    Offers a very competent set of hints, tips and suggestions to make good-looking comics just using MS-Paint, so just for that, this guide is a must-have for any unexperienced sprite comic author. It also provides a link to a site with useful free fonts.