George's first experience of being hung from a ceiling occured in the Third Mega Man Game parody (George had inadvertantly travelled through time after a large explosion that occured while Bob and George were fighting Mynd).

George and Mega Man were about to use George's knowledge of the future to stop Dr. Wily from taking over the world when Dr. Wily overheard their plans and kidnapped George.

George was suspended from Wily's ceiling for over six months, during which he went insane and developed a deep hatred for time travel.

The fact that George was hung for the ceiling for so long has been mentioned by several characters in the future, and even used by the Helmeted Author to detain George while he tried to kill the cast of the comic.

George often mentions this event, and any mention of him taking a trip through time tend to result in him screaming about being hung from that ceiling.

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