Eternal Dreams Edit


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Became Moderator: August 25, 2004

Moderates: Hosted Comics, Community Works

Eternal Dreams is a moderator on the Bob and George forum, which for a while could have been considered odd since he didn't sprite OR comic, but this has recently changed with a collab comic called Just Another Day. He has had an interest in comicing for over two years and has shown to have considerable experience as a result. His birthday is March 14th, 1991.

He was first introduced to BnG when his favorite comic at the time, Cuteness² + Evilness³ = Kirby! linked to The Karnak Hates Everything Show around January 10th, 2003. He didn't join the forum until later that year, and only then to make slightly spammy posts in Pishi's thread before he began to spread out to other areas.

His name was originaly Eternal Ice Cream which he chose simply because it sounded cool when he thought it up back in 2001. Later he changed it to Eternal Dreams.

He is a big fan of the comics Stage Select, Neko's House, and MSPaint Masterpieces, as well as anime (especially Azumanga Daioh and Naruto) and video games (especially Kingdom Hearts, Doom, and Kirby).

Metal Shark Player Edit


Became Moderator: Fall 2003

Moderates: Hosted Comics, Community Works

Metal Shark Player AKA MSP is a fancomics moderator at Bob and George forum. As an author Metal Shark Player does not make one series of comics, but instead does different comics from time to time. These comics[1] are usually handrawn, but occasionally a few are sprite and sometimes are just made with screenshots. MSP is an ambitious spriter and artist and wishes to be in a career in artistry.

MSP first appeared at BnG late Winter of 2001 and in autmn of 2003 became a fancomics moderator. Currently MSP holds the record for staying fancomics moderator the longest without breaking out into dementia.

Metal Shark Player shares the same name of the X6 boss, but the MSP character as depicted by MSP is an independent upgraded super copy of the original who has an alternate form of a busty human woman with blue hair and red eyes. Due to this alternate form, Metal Shark Player's gender is being disputed, but not as much as fellow super moderator: Cicero.