Several times in the comic, a character receives a huge dose of drugs, where the character goes into a coma and mostly loses control of their body (which simply falls over, as if the person were unconscious). Every Drug-Induce Coma has to have a Spirit Guide;Spirit Guides are the 'souls' of those robots not yet built and activated. No other types of comas have appeared in BnG. Megaman was the first to have a coma in the Third Megaman game when he got hit by a drug laden needle from Needleman (how the drugs could affect Megaman has not been explained.) Later, Megaman used Needleman's power on Doc Robot (who quickly ran through the drugs with Quickman's power). Later, when Dr. Light suggests George Time Travels to figure out something, George Goes Insane and Dr. Light injects tranquilizers in him (an instance of drugged and straightjacketed George) and straps him in a time suit. Even later, with George Hanging from the Ceiling in Dr. Wily's lab by Helmut and goes insane (again), Dr. Wily pumps some powerful drugs to shut him up.

Drug comas George:3 Megaman:1 Doc Robot:1

Megamans's Drug comaEdit

The Third Megaman Game - Needle Man Attacks

The Third Megaman Game - Mega Man's Trippin'

The Third Megaman Game - Trippin' Trouble

The Third Megaman Game - Spirit Guide Ran

The Third Megaman Game - The Cossack Buster

The Third Megaman Game - Ran Dies

The Third Megaman Game - The End of Needle Man

Doc Robot's ComaEdit

The Third Megaman Game - Junkification

The Third Megaman Game - ADHD Man

George's First ComaEdit

Story Time - Time Travel Bad

Story Time - Drug Coma Bad

Story Time - Drug Coma Worse

Story Time - Spirit Guide X

Story Time - Soul Guide X

Story Time - Shiftless Guide X

Story Time - Don't Like It

Story Time - Spirit "Guide"

Story Time - Promised Contradictions

Story Time - George the Delorean

Another Bad Time - No Complaints

George's Second ComaEdit

George's Really Bad Day - George's Recurring Coma

George's Really Bad Day - (Un)Helpful Observation

George's Really Bad Day - (Un)Motivational Speaker

George's Really Bad Day - Thinking Back, Part 1

George's Really Bad Day - Thinking Back, Part 2

George's Really Bad Day - George Awakens

George's Third ComaEdit

The Aftermath of X - Situation Fixed (What George experienced in that coma is unknown since he woke up in the next panel (with a new eye))