Dr. Wily is a villian in the Megaman Games, creator of Bass, Treble, Robot Master series 2-8, Zero, and the main Antagonist of Bob and George. He is known for his quirky hair-cut, mustache, and lab-coat. More than once, he has announced his plans, thinking no one is around, and been embarrassed when he sees someone standing right behind him, otherwise known as the Behind the Back Gag.

Debut: The Beginning of the Story - Proto Man Awakens

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Dr. Wily started out as Dr. Light's assistant in the The First Megaman Game. Due to Dr.Light's gullibility, he believed Dr. Wily was a completely trustworthy assistant. However, for reasons still unclear, Dr. Wily turned evil (Although in the Megaman Game, it says he turned evil due to him not getting any credit when Dr. Light won the Nobel Prize for the Robot Master project. It has not been stated that this happened in the comic) and stole the Robot Masters, excluding Mega Man and Roll. After being defeated by Mega Man, he tried six (currently) more times to destroy Megaman, still using the same tactic (But in The Fourth Megaman Game, he framed Dr. Cossack, in The Fifth Megaman Game, he framed Proto Man, and in the The Sixth Megaman Game, he disguised himself as Mr. X. In The Seventh Megaman Game, Dr. Wily used Megaman's designs to create Bass, who is faster, stronger, but sadly, stupider than Megaman. He also stole the plans for the Rush adaptator to modify Treble to fly. Shortly after the reenactment of the first Mega Man game, Dr. Wily got sick of playing the villain and kidnapped the Author. Wily then killed the Author, ending the sprite comic, and giving the Author (who survived) time to start the second version of the hand-drawn comic. It was recently revealed in "All Good Things", that Captain Kinesis was not Bob's minion in the past, rather, it was Wily, and so the attempt to kill the Author at the beginning of the comic was really Bob's plan, not Wily's.

Another running gag is Dr. Wily's Skull Fortress getting blown up at the end of the game storyline. This has happened in the third, fourth, and fifth Megaman Games. His fortress has also been blown up by Bob, in the Alternate Universe.

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