Doctor Thomas Light is a secondary character in Bob and George. He is the creator of Proto Man, Mega Man and Roll. He also helped on the creations of the first six Robot Masters. He is an alcoholic who loves the taste of Wily Beer.

Debut: The Beginning of the Story - Proto Man Awakens

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"The creator of the 'good' robots, Dr. Light once worked with Dr. Wily before getting betrayed..."

Backstory Edit

Doctor Thomas Light created Proto Man with the help of Doctor Albert Wily. After building several robots including Mega Man, Elec Man and Bomb Man, Wily escaped with six of the Robot Masters. This has had an effect on Light as this may have started his alcoholic rampage.

Personality Edit

Alcoholic Edit

It is known by the robots that Doctor Light is an extremely overbearing alcoholic who loves the taste of Wily Beer and the effect it has. He drinks crazy amounts which actually helped during the Helmeted Attack, when he fell over due to the amount of alcohol consumed.

Despite this love for alcoholic beverages, Doctor Light is still a remarkable programmer, and will only fix problems for beer.

Alternate UniversesEdit

The Dr. Light of the first alternate universe Bob visited was killed by Alternate George along with Dr. Wily, and Roll because they didn't fight back. Dr. Light's Rockman universe counterpart speaks with a speech inpediment of pronouncing his "L"s and "R"s as "W's. This parodies Dr. Light's voice in Mega Man 8 which sounds similar to Elmer Fudd's.

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