Chew On This is a fancomic created by Lightguy. It features random hijinks with random cameos.

Introduction Edit

Chew On This's first comic was put on the Bob and George forums on June 10, 2005 and made fancomic status on the Bob and George site on August 26, 2005. Unlike many other comics that were both on the site and in the forums, Chew On This is a gag-a-day comic and is usually done in a 2x2 format, instead of the usual 4x1 format.

Almost every comic (excluding the first three) were done with cameos by many gracious people who signed up in Cameo Central on the Bob and George Forums. The comic is currently on permanent hiatus because Lightguy requested Dave to end it since it was interfering with his life, although recently Lightguy has been reappearing more and more on the forums.

He has also said that he intends to finish up to #100 in 2006, and beyond that if circumstances allow. However, whether the comic will be on Bob and George or not is questionable.

Cameo List Edit

The list of cameo's that have appeared in the comic:

  • Bastard
  • Wataresistant
  • Brazillian Cara
  • Evil Flip
  • DrChristian
  • Protobass
  • Fatmeatwad
  • Azeo
  • Ngamer01
  • Lord DT
  • Super Llama
  • Tsunamohmon
  • 2
  • Cyros
  • Koako
  • Jjkaybomb
  • BravoUnit
  • CloudsofGrass
  • DaSpriteDude
  • Elias Prower
  • TheFlyingSponge
  • Darkmage / Fox
  • Wolf Sheninaki II / WolfS2

Incomplete list--if you know of any cameos that are not listed above, please add them above.

Format Edit

Chew On This uses the popular 2x2 format, which, although not as popular as the standard 4x1 format, is considered more original because it is not used as much--much like people who don't use Mega Man sprites as their base for their custom sprites.

2x2 is comprised of four 200x200 pixel boxes stacked with two at the base and two at the top, giving it the look of a box. Lightguy used this in most of the comics, however, the amount of panels has varied depending on certain situations in the comics.

Incomplete list--if you know any more information about the format, please add it in above.

Running Gags Edit

  • Shawn's heart is on the run after escaping his body.
  • DT's 'Will buy organs' sign
  • Kirby
  • Kittens
  • Everyone having a fear of Germans
  • Lightguy's guide to the unexplained - a convoluted/non-sensical solution to all the supernatural questions
  • Shawn's many deaths
  • 'Action Force [X]!' - A duo who take on sensitive jobs with excessive force
  • Erk's inappropriate fires
  • DT making people cry
  • Ngamer01 usually doing something senseless (like letting Mr. Game & Watch out of a TV)

Possibly incomplete list--if you know of any more running gags, please add them in above.