The Cataclysm Movies are a series of flash animations created by Dave to represent the Bob and George cataclysm, but possibly an alternate version. It is placed in the subcomic category on the main site.

The Cataclysm Movies

Warning: Some of the movies contain PG-13 violence and language.

The Cataclysm Movies Edit

The Cataclysm movies is a series of movies based off of one thought of what ended the Rockman Universe, and the transition to the X series. There are plans to have 8 different movies, but as of yet only 3 have been made. The first four episodes are shown in reverse chronicle order with the first movie being the end and supposedly the fourth movie having happened first. All of the movies are in flash and have voice actors made up of several famous BNG members. The plot of the movie is that Zero, Wily's final creation, (as revealed in Megaman X4 and X5) is let loose on the world, in their attempt to stop him the Majority of the Megaman heroes rally together to challenge Zero.

Episode 1, The End Edit

Running Time: 5 minutes
File Size: 1.25 MB

The first installment in the Cataclysm series actually shows the end of Zero's rampage through the city, in which he discovers Dr. Light's hidden lab and attacks.

Custom sprites were designed by Deccus and extra additional art was drawn by Megami.

Character Voice Actor/Actress
Doctor Light Rick O'Shay
Blues Rick O'Shay
Auto Rick O'Shay
Zero Dave Anez
The Computer Death

Episode 2, Ran Edit

Running Time: 3 minutes
File Size: 2.15 MB

The second episode features everyone's favorite Commie-bot and his humorous encounter with the malicious Zero.

Custom sprites were created by Ran and additional art was drawn by Dave Anez, Megami and Chick Bot.

Character Voice Actor/Actress
Ran Cossack Ran
Zero Dave Anez

Episode 3, Roll Edit

Running Time: 4 minutes
File Size: 1.06 MB

The third and latest movie centers on the rebellious Roll, doing her best to help her brother, but sometimes that's not enough.

Additional art was drawn by Chick Bot and custom sprites were done by Ran.

Character Voice Actor/Actress
Roll Liss
Blues Rick O'Shay
Doctor Light Rick O'Shay
Zero Dave Anez
Forte Plague

Episode 4, Prologue Edit

Running Time: ? minutes

File Size: ? MB The fourth and latest movie tells how the whole thing began, and like most trouble in Rock Man's world, it starts with Dr. Wily.

Featuring: Liss as Roll Art by ? Custom Sprites by Ran

Character Voice Actor/Actress
Dr. Wily Esper
Forte Plague
Zero Dave Anez

Notice: This Video is not yet complete.

Episode 5, Forte Edit

Coming Sooner Rather Than Later!

Episode 6, The Author Edit

Coming Later!

Episode 7, Rock Edit

When Hell Freezes Over!

Episode 8, Epilogue Edit

Sometime Before I Die!

Spoilers Edit

The heroes challenge the mighty Zero and fall to his power. In the end, only Ran, Blues (Proto Man) and Auto survive the onslaught. The movies have and are expected to reveal the deaths of Rock (Mega Man), Forte (Bass), Roll and Doctor Light. So far, we have witnessed the deaths of both Doctor Light and Roll, while the deaths of Forte and Rock have been implied by the other characters.

Recent Developments Edit

Dave recently announced that he plans on remaking the first three Catalysm movies. After realizing how big the first episode was, he decided to split it into several chapters. The first chapter of the first episode is going to be released after one more voice actor gets back to him (as of August 14, 2006). Dave won't be doing the voice of Zero in the remade movies. It's also unknown if any of the people (save for Dave and probably Liss) involved in the original movies will be involved in the remade ones. As a result, most if not all of the above will be rewritten once the remade movies are released.

Controversy Edit

There is much speculation on whether or not the Cataclysm movies represent how the Bob and George comic ends. Seeing how the Cataclysm has such a depressing end, many fear or dislike the possibility that such a humourous comic would end in tragedy.

Evidence for the End Edit

  • Roll has her Battlesuit and her attitude.
  • Ran stars in the movies and has the Cossack Blaster.
  • The Shadowy Author stated that Zero would be the one to kill them all.
  • The Author is present in the films.
  • Proto Man survives, as shown in the future.
  • Ran mentions meeting Zero, the Zero from the future.

Evidence against the End Edit

  • Mega Man and the others (sans Doctor Light) are called by their Japanese names. (Rock Man, Blues, Forte.)
  • The behaviour patterns have been altered.
  • Bob and George are not present.

Epilogue endingEdit

In the epilogue it is revealed that, because Zero mentioned the Cataclysm to Dr.Wily, Zero was not released for the Cataclysm. But in order to avoid a paradox, they all faked their death's and moved to Acapulco.