16-Bit Bob


Bob (also known as Napalm or Darth Volcanus) is the little brother of George who has the power to create and control fire. He arrived from the Hand-Drawn Universe, appearing with George who planned to abandon him there.

Appearance Edit

He arrived in the Mega Man universe wearing an exact copy of Proto Man's clothes. These were burnt after Proto Man shot him in the back, creating a rusty black armour, shield and helmet. He has red hair to correspond with his element of choice. Bob was the main villian in Mega Man 5. To this day, everybody (including George) still thinks that Proto Man is evil as a result of Bob's similarity in appearance to him.

Personality Edit

His entire personality revolves around the needless punishment to those who are not him. The only one who actually cares about Bob is George, and that's only because they are brothers. Bob has been willing to kill George on one occassion, but never got around to doing it and probably forgot.

It is known that Bob will burn his enemies to a crisp, like he did to Sniper Jed and Mike. He also has enough fire power to destroy the solar system. He will, however, defend himself in these cases. He hates clones.

He apparently has a phobia regarding Pokemon, or anything in that genre, having fled upon seeing a pikachu in one of his dimensional travels, and then fled the main dimension of the comic upon meeting the poke-authors.

Besides being totally evil, Bob will stop anything he's doing to barbeque, once calling a truce on the 4th of July to do so.[1] When Proto Man states how nice of him to do that, he merely replies:

"Clearly you underestimate how much I enjoy barbequing."


  • Powerful fire attacks
  • The use of a fancy plasma rifle (which has 500 settings, 499 of which are "Blast the shit out of something" mode)[2]
  • Plastic-wrap shielding, a gift from his mother.
  • The ability to leap into the air and execute a cool backflip in order to right himself
  • Dimensional traveling abilities(Lost due to the destruction of his blaster, which was blown up because of Alternate Mega Man and Bass from the future, who originally gave him the dimensional traveling ability in the first place.)


The Hand Drawn Comics IEdit

Bob appeared as Napalm towards the end of Dave's first attempt at a hand-drawn comic. He destroyed a building. When this first attempt at hand-drawn strips ended, Blitz (then known as Spark) was about to fight him.

The Hand Drawn Comics IIEdit

This attempt at hand-drawn comics picked up where the first attempt left off. Naplam managed to escape by using the old Zoink trick[3].

Not Just Another DayEdit

A person who looked exactly like Proto Man suddenly appeared one day[4][5]. They fought each other[6] Proto Man then fried the imposter (who turned out to be Bob), thus giving Bob his appearance[7]. The fight would continue later on.

The Introduction of GeorgeEdit

Bob didn't appear in this storyline. But however, he was referred to by George[8][9]. Additionally, Mega Man thought George was Bob. George told Mega Man about Bob at the end of the storyline as well[10][11].

The Introduction of BobEdit


Bob shows off

Bob executes a back-flip in order to continue his fight with Proto Man. His armour turned to black as a result of Proto Man's blast[12]. Proto Man ran away from Bob and Bob went behind Mega Man[13]. Bob decided to leave Mega Man and George in order to find Proto Man. Also, The Author threw a snowball at him during the Christmas special[14].

The Attack of BobEdit

George and Mega Man found the portal but Bob overheard them. Bob tried to hit on Roll during the New Year's special[15]. He "vaporized" Mega Man several times (he was actually blown away since no one dies in this comic). Mega Man pointed out that he was the main character of the comic so he can't die but Bob pointed out that his name was in the title of the comic and so he got precident over Mega Man. He "vaporized" him one last time(he was blown away again)[16]. The Yellow Demon (aka Nate) flung him into the portal by accident when trying to attack Bob[17]. Proto Man ran off in order to get him (The Yellow Demon).

The Aftermath of BobEdit

While Bob didn't appear in this storyline, it was in this storyline that The Author explained everything and told George that he changed the portal's destination[18]. This led to Bob going through a series of dimensions in order to try to get back home.

Tales from a Parallel Universe 1Edit

Bob goes to a dimension where Mega Man and Bass are smart, Proto Man is dumb, and George is bloodthirsty and Beat pecks people's eyes out[19]. Bob then meets Alternate Bob(who wears a purple scarf)[20]. Bob then finds out that Alternate George killed Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Roll but the rest of them fought back(especially Beat, who pecked his eyes out)[21]. Alternate Mega Man and Bass then installed a transdimensional portal control in Bob's blaster(They were able to do it because they had it built in their blasters.) so he could get out of that dimension[22].

Tales from a Parallel Universe 2Edit

In a quasi-crossover with Macc's HQ, Bob ends up on a talk show called FARTS(Fairly Aimless RPG Talk Show)[23]. Bob took Chrono's seat(Chrono was the guest that was on before Bob appeared)[24]. Dark Macc(Macc Maverick's alter ego and co-host) was angry at Bob because world domination was his thing, not Bob (according to him anyway). Bob quickly blew him away with his blaster[25]. Macc tried to trick Bob into signing a suspicious piece of paper[26]. Bob smartened up but Macc then attacked Bob with some Cids[27]. Bob then blew them away after he realized he had his visor on so they couldn't do anything to him[28]. Macc then summoned Pikachu to fight Bob[29]. Since Bob has a fear of Pokemon, he quickly left. However, Dave didn't tell the readers about it at the time.

The Author's BreakdownEdit

During The Author's nervous breakdown, Bob suddenly appeared out of nowhere and asked what was going on. George told him everything. Bob pointed out that there is little to no stress in making a sprite comic. The Author then thought Bob hated him too. Bob then wondered why he was even there[30]. The comic then started falling apart[31]. The orientation of the panels started getting messed up after that. Bob is unfazed by this[32]. Fortunately, they managed to get him out of it by talking about the Fourth of July special[33]. Bob left after celebrating the Fourth of July with the rest of the cast[34].

Tales from a Parallel Universe 3Edit

Bob then came in and saw someone (who turned out to be Mynd) on the floor as a result of him finally finding the lightswitch. According to Dave, this storyline was meant to occur during the storyline for Mega Man 2 but he got carried away with that storyline and forgot about this one[35]. Mynd recovered and introduced himself to Bob[36]. Bob learned that Mynd wanted to destroy the Mega Man universe. Mynd explained that everybody needs a hobby[37]. Mynd then wanted Bob to join him in his quest. Bob insulted him by calling him a Captain Picard reject and the fight began. Mynd brin out a light saber. Mynd let Bob go first and Bob pointed out that it would be a short battle if he went first(light saber vs. blaster just doesn't work)[38]. However, like Bob and George, Mynd also has bubble-wrap shielding[39]. Mynd attacked Bob with his light saber and it drained his shielding. Bob back-flipped and charged up his blaster. Mynd didn't expect it and Bob successfully blew up his fortress[40]. Both Bob and Mynd survived however. But however, neither of them can move[41]. Bob managed to move but Mike sucker-punched him from behind, knocking him out.[42].

Tales From a Parallel Universe 4Edit

When Bob wakes up, he finds himself hanging in mid-air in Mynd's secondary fortress[43]. Mike took away Bob's blaster so he could see if he could activate the dimsensional portals with it. The first appearance of Chadling happens while Mike is working on the blaster[44]. Mike then finds the one mode that isn't "blast the shit out of something"[45]. Mike and Mynd decide to beat the crap out of Bob until he tells them how to get to the Mega Man universe (although he doesn't know)[46]. Chadling gets blasted to the Alternate Universe but that's another story. Meanwhile, Mike and Mynd started on Bob. Bob kept on saying he didn't know. Then he told them that they can get their coordinates by spying on X and Mega Man like they were doing before. Mynd left Mike to kill Bob[47]. Bob offered Mike a chance to come out of this alive but he didn't take it[48]. Bob blocked Mike's overconfident backwards karate chop of death and then kicked him in the back of his head[49]. Meanwhile, Mynd figured out the coordinates but he couldn't find the right button. Mike then woke up and Bob threw his shield at him[50]. Mike woke up yet again and Bob threw his helmet at him[51]. Bob then hangs Mike in mid-air[52]. Bob became Napalm and pointed out to Mike that the tables had turned[53]. Bob burnt Mike and escaped. Bob appeared at an Alternate Gathering before leaving[54].

The Arrival of MyndEdit

Bob suddenly appeared out of a portal while Proto Man was telling Bass about a bad feeling he had[55][56]. He was unconscious[57]. Mega Man then tripped over Bob's unconscious body[58]. George was wondering what had happened to Bob and then The Helmeted Author wrecked George's emotional scene (back when he was just The Regular Author wearing a helmet) by telling him[59]. During the Year 2 Halloween Comic (his first and only (as of Year 7) appearance in one), Roll (dressed as Super Ho) painted Bob pink and purple[60].

The Attack of MyndEdit

Bob had finally waken up and he was going to attack Mynd because he was about to attack George[61]. He was still painted pink and purple from Halloween[62]. But he torched his armour back to gray[63]. George (who had turned into Blitz) suggested to Bob (who had turned into Napalm) that they use their Ultimate Attack to stop Mynd[64]. After some discussion, Bob decided to do it because he had tired of living[65]. Everything ended up exploding afterwards[66]. Afterwards, Dave took a brief break from the comic.

Tales From a Parallel TimeEdit

During the Mega Man 3 storyline, Bob was blasted into the future and the Mega Man X universe by the Ultimate Attack[67]. This storyline marks the only time Bob was in 32-bits. They didn't figure out who it was until Bob insulted them for not figuring it out[68]. Bob explained that he was from the past and that when they visited the past, Bob was being tortured by Mynd at the time[69]. Prometheus ran away and hid in the bathroom when he found out that Bob was here[70][71]. Prometheus won't come out of the bathroom. According to the commentary, he's worried that Bob will find out who he is and Bob will gain information about the future he shouldn't have[72]. In a reversal of roles, X tried to bring down the door with some Ride Armor but Zero stopped him from doing so. Bob was confused[73]. When Zero left, Bob decided to blast the door open. Prometheus ultimately came out of the bathroom anyway[74]. Prometheus turned out to be Proto Man. He got implants to make himself taller.[75]. Proto Man stayed to watch over X and Zero after the Catalysm. He said that Bob wasn't responsible for that (the irony being that he ultimately became responsible for the Catalysm in the Rockman Universe)[76]. Prometheus told Bob that by locking himself in the bathroom, he avoided a paradox[77]. The Helmeted Author ultimately intervened and finally stopped this time double-talk[78]. Another plothole ended up being how Bob got his blaster and other stuff back from Mynd. The Helmeted Author said he did it (one of many times he would have to serve as an explanation for a plothole in the comic)[79]. Bob ended up using his blaster go to home (like in the Alternate Dimension). We also learned that Proto Man (aka Prometheus) was just messing with Bob with the talk about time paradoxes because he read an archive of Bob and George (the comic that is)[80].

The Second PartyEdit

Bob didn't appear during the party save for the usual montage of strips from the year that just passed. Alternate Bob was interviewed by Mike during the party however[81].

The Third Megaman Game, Part 2Edit

Bob had a cameo in the first strip back after this storyline temporaily stopped in order to do a storyline with him[82]. Bob then came in to rescue George and he destroyed some of the lab in the process[83]. Dr. Wily gave Bob an offer to kill Mega Man for him. Bob then accepted his deal. He then found Top Man and Alternate Bob in Top Man's room[84][85].

The Third Megaman Game, Part 3Edit

Bob wasn't able to find Mega Man. Shadow Man attacked him from behind while he was talking to the audience[86]. He then decided to use setting #337 against Shadow Man[87]. He was briefly blind because he had his night-vision glasses on when Shadow Man turned on the light[88]. Bob then left when Shadow Man told him that Mega Man was in Dr. Light's lab. Shadow Man then disappeared into the background until he became a useful plot device again[89]. Bob walked in the lab when the Doc Robots were near Mega Man(he ran out of power after the battle with the first Doc Robot). Bob became pissed off because now he had nothing to use to get his brother back from Dr. Wily[90]. But he got George back anyway because he got the Power Crystals for Dr. Wily[91]. Bob then freed George from hanging from the ceiling[92]. Dr. Wily's fortress then exploded in the chaos that happened after Bob told George he could've gotten down by himself the entire time he was up there[93][94]. Bob then left the comic briefly[95]. He then returned a few days later and Bob and George came back to the regular universe[96].

Something DifferentEdit

Bob made a cameo where he was one of the people trying to help Mega Man. He only appeared in one panel of the strip[97]. Later on, The Mini-Author and Mini-Rick jumped on Bob for protection[98]. Bob then scared Treble away[99]. The Mini-Authors ended up scaring Bob away[100].

The Attack of Mega ManEdit

It was in the wrap-up part of the storyline that The Author reveled that Bob had opened a portal and was in a parallel universe again[101].

Tales From a Parallel Universe 5Edit

Bob then appeared in the Rockman Universe after being scared by the Poke-Authors[102]. His consciences then appeared[103]. Everybody mistaked him for Blues (aka Proto Man). They were sent to explain where Bob was and what was going on[104]. His good conscience ended up explaining everything and lost twenty dollars to the evil conscience[105]. The consciences ended up killing each other[106]. Bob then meets Dr. Right (aka Dr. Light)[107]. Dr. Right and Rock Man (aka Mega Man) then noticed something odd about who they think is Blues[108]. Bob then noticed everything changing around him[109][110][111]. Bob then killed everybody in order to stop the corruption that he thought he was causing. But it was actually The Author who was corrupting the universe[112]. He then wanted to kill him[113]. But The Shadowy Author reset the universe and left Bob alone[114][115]. Bob then ran away by using the Look Behind You trick[116]. Dr. Wily then kidnapped Blues (the real one, not Bob) and Rock Man. Bob then intruded Dr. Wily's lab[117]. Bob killed all the snipers and burned Sniper Jed to death[118]. Bob then planned a sneak attack on Forte (aka Bass) but the evil duplicate of Rock Man attacked Forte instead[119]. He then destroyed the evil Rock Man clone[120]. Dr. Wily then tried to clone Bob but failed because Bob isn't a robot[121][122]. Dr. Wily then released a clone army (consisting of Rock Man clones) against Bob[123]. He then destroyed Dr. Wily's fortress (and Dr. Wily himself)[124]. Bob then took Rock Man to Acapulco with him (thus starting the Acapulco running gag)[125]. Bob appeared only once more inbetween this and Tales from a Parallel 5½ in the New Year's Day 2004 comic when he was telling George that he wasn't coming back to the comic if he had a say in it (which he didn't)[126].

Tales from a Parallel Universe 5½, Part 1Edit

Bob was forced to come back to the comic after about a year of relaxing in Acapulco[127]. Rock called Bob back in order to fight who Rock thought was Forte and one of Wily's evil Rock Man clones. They were actually the Future Alternate Mega Man and Bass (in one of the comic's trademark paradoxes)[128]. The Future Alternate Mega Man and Bass then came to take away the temporal upgrade they put in Bob's blaster more than three years ago[129]. They chased him and then took it off him[130]. The temporal wave caused by removing it caused that version of the Rockman Universe's Catalysm[131].

The Fifth Mega Man Game, Part 1Edit

Bob dreams that he is back in the Hand Drawn Comic in comics that are reflective of December 23 and 24, 2001's comics (links to both groups of strips are shown for the purposes of comparision)[132][133][134][135]. A robot named Dark Man (who looks exactly like Proto Man) came upon Bob. He got fried by Bob after he tried to wake him up[136]. Dr. Wily ended up waking Bob after he yelled about the death of Dark Man[137]. He wrote about it in his livejournal[138][139]. Bob got Dr. Wily moving again[140][141]. Bob then framed Proto Man for kidnapping Dr. Light[142][143][144]. Mega Man then asked Bob (thinking he was Proto Man) for help (after talking with The Broom about it)[145]. He then convinced Mega Man that Dr. Wily was behind this[146][147][148]. Bob then went back to Dr. Wily and saw that he had finished Star Man and his stage (leading to another appearance of Alternate Bob)[149][150][151]. Dr. Wily then tried to rebel against Bob but thanks to the Behind the Back gag, he got caught even before he could put his plan into action[152]. However, Bob's blaster was broken and it didn't fire and Dr. Wily passed out and pissed himself[153].

The Fifth Megaman Game, Part 2Edit

Dr. Wily woke up and Bob installed a closed feed system so that they could watch the fight between Mega Man and Star Man[154]. Bob had Star Man fake incompetency so that Mega Man would let his guard down[155]. However, Ran came in after Mega Man lost[156][157] and won by blacklisting Star Man with the taint of Communism[158].

The Fifth Megaman Game, Part 3Edit

Bob ended up throwing Dr. Wily in with Dr. Light after Star Man lost[159]. Bob then realized he had to make the rest of the Robot Masters by himself[160]. However, Bob accidentally found Dr. Wily's Instant Robot Master Generation Program[161]. However, he had some inital problems with it[162]. He then got the hang of it and insulted The Author[163]. Napalm Man was the first Bob-designed Robot Master[164]. After this, the plot diverged into an A&E Biography about Bob[165]. Some of Bob's backstory was explained during this mini-plot[166][167][168]. He deciphered Dr. Wily's programming in 50 minutes and then simplified it[169]. The Alternate and Future Alternate Mega Man and Bass came during the Napalm Man fight (in yet another paradox)[170][171][172]. The Altenates then decided to stop Bob[173]. Bob then found an Instant Robot Maker[174][175]. However, he couldn't get it to make a Robot Master[176][177]. Bob was able to reprogram all the Robot Masters to take up less memory (just like he did with Napalm Man)[178]. They then came after Mega Man, the Alternates, and Ran[179][180]. Proto Man then came to help them out[181]. The gang then decided to send the Present Alternates to fight Bob in his fortress[182]. This leads to the beginning of the Month of Destruction[183]. Present Alternate Mega Man and Bass fought a series of Robot Masters before facing Bob. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang fought the Robot Masters. Bob didn't actually appear during the Month of Destruction but some of the giant Robot Masters merged to form a giant Bob in order to fight the Mega-Hulk[184][185]. After Present Alternate Bass (disguised as a Sniper) destroyed the Instant Robot Maker, Bob became Darth Volcanus and fought him[186][187][188]. Metool D2 came back to help Present Alternate Bass out[189][190]. Meanwhile, Stone Man, Wave Man, and Charge Man tried to destroy Mega Man[191][192][193][194][195]. Bob then came back to destroy the Present Alternates[196]. Metool D2 made a tidal wave appear in order to defeat Bob[197]. Bob created a sanua in order to distract the Present Alternates[198]. He then came back once they had dropped their guard[199][200]. Alternate Bass then decided to use Charge Man's power (he bought it from him for a dollar)[201]. Alternate Mega Man served as a distraction[202]. Bob then curled up in the fetal position as Alternate Mega Man was penetrating his shield[203]. It turned out to be a distraction so he could blast him[204]. Alternate Bass then came to defeat Bob[205][206]. Just when the Present Alternates were doomed, Metool D2 came back[207]. He put up a Star Shield (he was able to do so because he had Star Power)[208][209]. Alternate Mega Man and Bass then used their Ultimate Attack against Bob[210]. Bob's fortress was destroyed and he was blasted away[211][212]. Bob ended up in a subspace rift with his consciences[213][214][215]. Bob ended up using the consciences to recreate Acapulco inside the subspace rift[216].

Prelude to the Worst TimeEdit

Bob doesn't actually appear in this storyline but however, Mega Man, Nate, Chadling, and Vic talked about him (while Nate and Chadling were stuck inside Mega Man's head)[217][218][219][220]. Meanwhile, in a use of foreshadowing, George started freaking out once he realized that Bob had been gone for over two years and he hadn't even noticed[221][222]. Meanwhile, at the same time, Dr. Wily decided he needed to get Bob back from the sub-space rift he had been stuck in since he destroyed the asteroid in Mega Man 5[223][224]. George exploded once Proto Man told him that not only was Bob dead, but he died a hero (because the asteroid would have killed millions if he didn't destroy it)[225][226].

The Worst TimeEdit

Bob was happy in his sub-space rift[227][228]. But however, he was pulled back into the comic by Dr. Wily[229][230]. He needed him to program Zero (his newest robot)[231]. Dr. Wily said that he had designed a helmet for Bob that had power negating technology inside of it.[232][233] Wily also told him that if he didn't put on the helmet, he would starve him to death and if he programmed Zero to his satisfaction, then Dr. Wily would open a portal that would send Bob back home[234]. But however, Dr. Wily expected Bob to program Zero from scratch but Bob couldn't do it[235]. Bob tried to find a template, but failed[236][237]. Making things worse on Bob, Dr. Wily expected him to do it by the morning. But suddenly, The Shadowy Author (or Shador for short) came to help Bob out[238]. Shador asked Bob to reprogram X for him and in exchange, he would get to use X's programming to use as a template for Zero[239][240]. Bob ended up reprogramming X's emotional program in minutes (while it would've taken Dr. Light thirty years to do so)[241]. Shador then asked Bob to reprogram both X's memory and the ethical tests, thus filling several plotholes[242][243]. Bob was able to program Zero as a result of that[244]. Dr. Wily then revealed that the helmet was never bugged in the first place[245]. Bob then decided to fry Dr. Wily[246]. Dr. Wily then convinced Bob not to kill him[247]. He opened a portal and Bob found out that he was sent back in time to Mega Man 6 (or more specifically, The First Annual Robot Tournament) instead of being sent back home (like Dr. Wily had promised him)[248].

The First Annual Robot Tournament, Part 1Edit

Bob was about to kill Dr. Wily[249] when he found that Dr. Wily hadn't killed Mr. X and taken his place yet[250]. Bob then went to Dr. Wily's fortress and was about to threaten him when he learned that he had stepped on an extremely short-range nuclear mine[251]. Bob then recapped for Dr. Wily and told him the only reasons he hadn't killed him yet were because of paradoxes and nuclear mines (not necessarily in that order)[252]. He also told Dr. Wily that he was also there to ask him why he hadn't killed Mr. X and taken his place yet[253]. Once more serving as a Mary Sue, he told Dr. Wily how the timeline was supposed to go[254]. Meanwhile, in the present, George decided to use the timesuit to go to the past in order to save Bob (He thinks Bob is dead because Proto Man and Mega Man/Vic told him so)[255][256]. Meanwhile, in the past, Bob serves as the referee in order to preserve the timeline straight[257]. However, there was a problem. Bob didn't know who was supposed to win as he never played the Mega Man games[258]. While Dr. Wily and Bob were talking, George appeared right in front of them. When George offered to rescue Bob, he told him he wasn't ready to leave yet[259]. George then discovered that Bob was there to screw up the timeline as much as possible[260]. Bob then told George that the only way he could keep the timeline from getting too screwed up was to help them. He accepted Bob's proposal[261].

The First Annual Robot Tournament, Part 2Edit

After Bob convinced George to tell him who were supposed to win the tournament, the two realize that Flame Man, who's supposed to win, is getting beaten by Pudding Man. Flame Man seems to have non-violent religious beliefs, so he refuses to fight Pudding Man, resulting in Pudding Man having the advantage. Bob says that he has a program that can reprogram robots, so that they can make sure the robots that are supposed to win do so and he needs George's help to build a machine to upload the program to. George is conflicted whether to help Bob, who admits he's going to give the device to Wily after assuring the right robots win, but eventually lets Bob do what he will with the device, resulting in Flame Man's victory over Pudding Man. After speaking with Mr. X about the appearance of Bass Man, Bob watches in aw with George as Ran Mk II utterly defeats Bomb Man. Bob continues to referee the on-going matches until the Knight Man-Pacifist Man fight, when he decides to take over Pacifist Man to entertain himself. George is angered as Knight Man is supposed to win, Bob eventually stops, explaining that he would never actually mess the timeline up that bad and that now Knight Man will be really pissed off and make Pacifist Man's death more entertaining. Bob then asks George to increase the response time and bandwidth on the device, George agrees and does so, but not before pissing Bob off by questioning is evilness. George finishes off with the device before an angry Bob knocks him out, Bob steals George's time-machine and infects Mega Man with a virus that will turn him evil and cause the entire tournament to descend into chaos and plans to make the biggest mess of the timeline as physically possible (including killing his grand-father.). George, angered, shocks Bob (and accidentally Mega Man) with his lightning attacks, which causes the time-machine to malfunction and sends Bob randomly time-travelling.

All Good ThingsEdit

Bob doesn't actually appear during this storyline, but caused most, if not all of the events that happen in it, while travelling through time he sides and commands Mynd, Sigma, Captain Kenesis, Dr. Wily, and steals Non-Alternate Mike's ninjas, leading an assault in three different timelines. The villains are eventually defeated by George and his friends.

The Seventh PartyEdit

Bob from the Hand-Drawn barbeque's at the Seventh Party, he is not the same Bob however, and it is soon revealed that the Seventh Party was just a fake world created by Captain Kenesis in George's head.

The Return of BobEdit


Bob returns.

While Bass and Mega Man wonder where George has vanished to, Bob suddenly appears and blows the two off the tower where the Author is being kept. Bob then goes to Proto Man and Dr. Light, who are not too far from the tower, and attacks them with a fire blast, which is blocked by Proto Man's shield. The fire continues to melt away at Proto Man's shield until Ned (Non-Alternate Mike) smacks him over the back of his head, knocking him down. Ned then kicks Bob in his face before giving his shield to Proto Man to replace his melted one. Ned continues to attack Bob with Japanese moves until Mike shows up and wants to help, Ned says no and when Mike tries to prove himself by showing off the "Flying Inverted Helicopter Cyclone Kick of Death" knocks Ned down. With Ned down, Bob tries to kill both Mike and Ned in one blast, but the fire is blocked by Mike's "Slashing Fist Shield", which has Mike swinging his arm in front of him, made possible by Mike's bionic arm. Bob continues to shoot flames at Mike until Proto Man shoots him in the back, Bob quickly gets up and shoots fire at all four (including Dr. Light). Again, Bob shoots flames at them until he his shot by a laser from the floating blob Nate. The group has Bob completely surrounded, but he decides to "start playing dirty" and surrounds them in fiery slowly shrinking shields. Mike and Ned escape by Ninja Vanishing (though Mike accidentally leaves behind his legs, which Ned returns and grabs). Bob summons Mynd and tells him to send the Ninjas after Mike and Ned, however it is revealed it is Non-Alternate Mynd. Dr. Light explains that Mike has been helping NA-Mynd see the error of his ways and turn to the side of good, after which Dr. Light gives him new limbs. It turns out that NA-Mynd was just there to distract Bob until Roll shows up, who uses a Poke'-fied Chadling to take advantage of Bob's fear of Poke'mon. Bob continues to flee from Poke'-Chadling while Mynd takes up the opportunity to fight his alternate, NA-Mynd. Bob realizes, with the help of his conscious Harvey that Chadling isn't a real Poke'mon, after which Bob incinerates Chadling. Bob is then re-surrounded by Proto Man, Roll, Ran and Nate, who angers Bob by shooting him with a laser. Bob gets up and is confident he can take the four of them down, when suddenly X, Zero and Prometheus from the future arrive, and soon after Delta Flight, George's super-hero friends from the past show up as well. After this, Bob summons his back-up army, the Robot Masters, and when Proto Man asks why Wily would let him use the Robot Maker, he reveals he's killed the old doctor. This angers Proto Man who gives the command to attack Bob, as everyone fires at Bob, but the attacks are blocked by a shield. After trying to attack Bob again (which is futile) Mega-Hulk returns underneath the growing army of Robot Masters, Bob asks where it came from, the Future Alternates, who got there via the time machine they built at the end of the Fifth Mega Man Game storyline, show up and explain it was them. Bob tries to kill the Alternates, but they are protected by Metool-D2's shield. Bob boasts that the shield can't protect them from the army of Robot Masters, after which Dr. Wily appears behind him, who says that he should have a say in the matter. Dr. Wily explains that Bob only killed a robotic-clone of his. Bob wonders why he plays these stupid little super-villain games and decides to just go and kill the Author at the tower, which is now on the other side of a sea of Robot Masters. After Chadling is reconstituted, Proto Man tells Ran to get as many Cossack Busters he can get, tells Chadling and Nate to go into their demon forms to help Mega-Hulk. Ready for the final fight, Proto Man sets the game plan, X, Zero and Prometheus take right flank, Delta Flight take the rear, the Mynds get the left flank and the rest take the front.

As more and more people pour into the growing battle below, Bob gloats to the trapped Author that all of his creations are below fighting, and begins to charge up a supernova-level explosion, planning on wiping out all of them, along with the entire solar system. Before anyone can do anything to stop him, Bob unleashes the explosion, seemingly wiping out everything.

The Last StripsEdit

When the smoke clears, however, nothing is destroyed, thanks to the Shadowy Author's intervention. Bob, however, recognizes him and pulls off his "mask," revealing George. Bob reveals he knew all along that George was pretending to be the Shadowy Author when he got Bob to reprogram X. Bob, however, is unimpressed by George's reveal, and still plans on killing the Author. However, George makes his blaster appear and attempts to shoot Bob, but the blaster misfires with a click.

Regardless, Bob hears the click, and turns back to George, surprised that after all this time and all their battles, he was finally willing to kill Bob. Bob suddenly drops to the ground and Fistandantilus exits from his body, cursing the fact that he lost his bet with the Author over whether or not George would finally be willing to kill Bob. As Bob and George wonder who's responsible for the rest of the comic, their mother arrives, revealing that their trip to this world was entirely her doing in an effort to toughen George up to the point where he'd be willing to kill Bob if the time came. With that being done, Mom takes Bob and George home.

The EpilogueEdit

Back in his home universe, Bob became the CEO of a Fortune 500 company that eventually defeated Microsoft, making Bob a trillionaire. However, he never gave up his plans for world domination or the life of a supervillain, and was eventually finally killed during a battle with Delta Flight. Or at least, that's what would have happened had Zero not mentioned the Cataclysm to Doctor Wily. So instead, Bob is seen with the others in Acapulco.

Halloween CostumesEdit

Alternate VersionsEdit

  • Reverse/Alternate Bob (or A-Bob for short.): He is a somewhat stereotypical homo-sexual version of Bob, the only difference in appearance between Bob and A-Bob, is A-Bob's longer purple scarf. After Bob left the Reverse Dimension, A-Bob (somehow) appeared during the Third Mega Man Game and seemingly started dating Top Man (this, however, has not been confirmed.). A-Bob then made a small appearance during the Fifth Mega Man game as Wily's level designer.