Behind the Back

First appearance

The "Behind your back" gag originated with Wily's innate nature to break into soliloquy without first checking to make sure there is nobody around him to hear it. Since then, it has developed into a running gag in which several people have been caught announcing evil plans, insulting the person behind them or generally completely contradicting the situation they stand in by claiming the person behind them is nowhere near. This gag has been copied on some occasions by other Sprite Comics, including one called Kid Radd which admits to the idea theft. In comic Evil Mega Man. AKA the Helmeted Author explained that he was actually doing a soliloquy and that no one was supposed to be able to hear it. Though, of course, in a web comic everyone can read your thoughts because they appear as word ballpons, especially when they're spoken word ballopns and not thought bubbles.

List of times the gag has been usedEdit