Bass is a secondary character in Bob and George. He used to be one of Doctor Wily's lackeys, but doesn't seem to be evil anymore (due to a switch labeled 'stupid or evil' which has been set to stupid). He is now one of Mega Man's friends, possibly because he is as stupid as Mega Man, if not stupider. He is potentially the smartest of the main characters, but his stupidity programming makes him act like the dumbest. [1] The original intent for him was to be the "cool" type of person, but that idea was ditched around the time when Wily killed The Author early in the comic (around the new idea that if Bass was 10 times everything Mega Man was, he should actually be 10 times stupider). It has been revealed that Bass is infact quite intelligent when he's set to evil, however, he's so smart that he's smarter than Dr. Wily himself, which is likely what prompted the later to install the switch in him, something that is common among Dr. Light's robots, though for them the options are Evil or Good. Bass is also an avid collector of Magic the Gathering Cards, Beanie Babies, and Transformers.

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