April 2000
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The First Strips: Oh God, Now What?

Summary: Mega Man informs us of another delay.

Cast: Mega Man

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Mega Man is standing by himself against a light blue background. His helmet is off.}
MEGA MAN: Well, folks, I got some bad news.

Panel 2

MEGA MAN: Bob and George has been delayed until April 15th.

Panel 3

MEGA MAN: Seems the author doesn't know how to draw.

Panel 4

MEGA MAN: So, the Mega Man gang will be around a while longer.
MEGA MAN: {quietly} See you tomorrow...

Fun Facts Edit

  • This comic is similar is design to the first comic. The phrase "See you tomorrow..." is a direct reference.
  • April 15th came without sign of the hand drawn comic.
  • This is one of the first archived comics to have been effected by the 'Temporal Burp' effect, where the entire comic was blurred beyond recognition and renamed "Zo Bilch Chlips - Eh Kew, Jed Haxat?".
  • This is the first comic in which Dave used the Comic Sans font. When he re-did the original JPEG images into GIFs (and later PNGs) in order to make them look nicer, he changed the font of the first two comics to Comic Sans.

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