April 2000
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The First Strips: Megaman Helps Out, Part II

Summary: Mega Man tries to stop a Mad Grinder that approaches, but then prepares for pain.

Cast: Mega Man, Mad Grinder

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Mega Man is standing by himself against a light blue background. He is pointing his blaster forward.}
MEGA MAN: Hey, you! Hold it right there!

Panel 2

MEGA MAN: Yeah, um, you... You're in big trouble...

Panel 3

{Megaman points his gun diagonally upwards.}
MEGA MAN: So, um, er... Just, ah, give up and make this easy on both of us...

Panel 4

{Pan out to show Mega Man is pointing his gun at a large Mad Grinder.}
MEGA MAN: Oh, my, but this is going to hurt...
MAD GRINDER: {quietly} kill...

Fun Facts Edit

  • Mad Grinder originally was a miniboss fought in the introductory level of Mega Man 7. Dave used him because of his intimidating size.
  • This is one of the first archived comics to have been effected by the 'Temporal Burp' effect, where the entire comic was blurred beyond recognition and renamed "Zo Bilch Chlips - Vogaxamaxan Whorps Eut, Paxalt DiI".

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